Central heating design

A central heating system should be able to match the heat loss from the dwelling at the design conditions, ie be adequate to heat the space required with an allowance for intermittent operation and hot water usage. The principal design considerations are:-

  • The required internal temperatures of each room.
  • Preferred locations of radiators if required
  • Amount of hot water required ie, amount of bathrooms, kitchen sinks etc

The calculations will include provisions to ensure that the heating up time of the entire system is not excessive. The usual process is to calculate the heat loss rate and hence the radiator sizes, for each room in turn and then to add these losses together to arrive at a total. Then add on a factor for the hot water and thus obtain the boiler size required. At CHB we offer a design service as part of our quoting process taking any personal requirements into consideration and installing a system which is not only high quality but is also tailored to suit you, the customer.

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